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A Pet Squishy- Chapter 1
A Pet Squishy
Chapter 1 "I Want a Human Pet"
By Leah Wood

"Ewww! No. No way!" Skywarp pulled his head back, repulsed.
"What? I just think they're interesting little creatures." Thundercracker argued, indicating the cars zipping through the city far below.
Skywarp made a face, "Maybe…but why would you want one?"
The blue Seeker shrugged his vented shoulders, still watching the tiny, wheeled machines.
"Come on, TC, why do you want a pet anyway?" Skywarp asked, swooping close to his wingman.
Thundercracker snorted, "When I was a Sparkling, I had a Tecteerian feline."
"You mean those fuzzy blue organics with the long fangs and poisonous tail tips?"
Skywarp raised a plated brow, "How'd you get one of those? I thought the Cybertronian Government outlawed those pets on Cybertron."
"I found it on one of the nearby moons when my creators took me there. I caught it and smuggled it home. Then I hid it under my berth for a few stellar months before
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United States
Home: Southern California
Mood: miserable due to allergies
Listening to: techno
Playing: Azure Striker Gunvolt
Working On: customs
Relationship Status: Long term and VERY Happy
I am Horse Crazy
Sometimes I post the cool art my daughter does because unlike me she can actually do artsy stuff.


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